The following represents the Program Policies and Procedures ( Terms and Conditions ) that you are required to adhere to while in our program, and by either attending or purchasing a class or product, you voluntarily consent to abide by all terms set forth in this agreement. Any stalling or other uncooperative behavior in regard to fulfilling these requirements will result in dismissal from the program. 

Reports and Student Contact Info: All completion and enrollment letters are typically issued immediately upon completion or enrollment, however due to volume, processing requirements, and other factors, that it may take up to 3-5 days for these same documents to be issued. If you are a court client, all requests for progress reports must be made in writing no less than 1 week ( 7-10 days ) prior to the court date. You are also required to provide up-to-date contact information should we need to contact you to process your request, and must respond back to any attempted contact by us within 24 hours. Any client who fails to contact us, or has provided outdated contact information, will be terminated from the class/program, and may be required to pay additional fees to enroll back into the class/program.

You must make all requests for reports or letters via email. Unless your emailed request is made on time for a progress report, or a completion or enrollment letter, it may not be issued in time for your court appointment! It is Your responsibility as a client to ensure that the court, probation, or your attorney receives your report on time, and that you notify us in time to process the report. If you need is more urgent please contact us beforehand, so we can provide you options for doing so. It is your responsibility to forward your report to the required person or place. Client must also ensure that we have their current contact info, such as phone and email address. Should we need to contact you and are unable to do so, you will be removed from the program. Failure to contact us for any reason within a two-week time frame will also result in you being terminated from the program. However, if you are a self-referred client, these policies and procedures still are in place and in full effect, with the exception that there are no reports generated other than enrollment and completion. In addition, should a student enroll for personal education, and try to utilize the same class to meet a court order, please be advised that we will clearly state on the enrollment and completion paperwork that the class does not meet the requirements of a court program, and is for personal education use only. 

Time Management: All clients must adhere to the time limits for the various Classes, Programs, Products, and Stages. All class access is limited to 30 days, with the exception of classes that are taken once per week, with weekly class access limited to the number of weeks purchased. All students requiring additional time will accrue additional charges to do so. Should any of these requirements not be met, you may be terminated and required to start over, with an additional cost to do so. Please ensure that you keep track of all of your time and missed classes. Also, if you are a client who has requested additional Live Video Classes you are required to use a device with a workable webcam, and are to be signed-in 5 to 30 minutes prior to the start of each class. All clients who arrive past the scheduled sign-in time will not be allowed into class and will be marked as Absent - No Exceptions! Any client who cannot attend their assigned class on time - or at all - should contact us immediately.

Payments and Absences: All classes must be paid in advance. All program/class and product payments fees/charges are nonrefundable - No Exceptions. Regardless of the reason - once you make a purchase - you will not be issued a refund. You may however continue taking the class up until the time the predetermined class length/time has timed-out, as discussed in the section called - Time Management. It is the responsibility of the client/student/consumer to confirm beforehand which class(es) they should be in, or what product(s) they wish to purchase. Regardless of you taking a class for personal education, or as a court client, it is your responsibility to verify if our classes meet the requirements of the court, probation, parole, child and family services (CPS), or of any other agency. You, the client, are solely responsible, and must verify if our classes will meet the requirements of the court, stare, or referring agency. Under no circumstances should you the client assume that online classes pre-approved, which is why you must verify ahead of time, as there are many instances where online classes are authorized by the referring agency, on a case-by-case basis. You the client, agree to hold us harmless of any and all liabilities you may incur, due to you not seeking pre-approval. Clients who have not paid their program fees will not be allowed into class and will receive an absence for that week.  Please note: a missed class fee will then be assessed on top of the regular class fees. All students/clients, regardless of status, are charged for ALL missed classes regardless of other class fee arrangements. Your regular class fees relate only to the classes you attend, not the classes you miss, and you are required to pay $25 for each missed class: This fee, as well as any regular class fees, must be paid prior to your next class date, or you will not be allowed to attend. You will not receive credit for any class that is not paid for. If you receive special funding from us to help pay for a portion of your class fees, you are required to participate in reviews and data collection, to help us receive funding to help provide for others who may also require financial assistance just as you did. If you have monthly or quarterly payments, please be aware that all payments must be made on time, or that a late payment fee of $29 will be assessed upon all payments that are over 3 days past due. You can and will be terminated for failing to meet these conditions.

Class Info and Schedule: It is still your responsibility to contact us to address your needs, as we hold no responsibility for any portion of your class requirements, payments, or approval. All students are prohibited from smoking, eating, or to otherwise have any other distraction such as radio, TV, or other websites open while in class. Also, please refrain from having children, dogs, or other friends or family disrupt you while you are in class, as this is also a distraction. Students who are distracted and not participating will be removed from class and it will count as an absence. All students are required at all times to have high-speed internet, and an active webcam and microphone, to attend class. Any student who is not able to be clearly seen on their webcam, or is unable to address the class directly using a microphone, and/or any student with internet slow enough to keep them from participating, will be removed from class and will receive an absence for that week. Our class is designed to provide a strong internet signal and experience. We do not however control your internet speed or computer settings, or any other issue that may happen outside of our own office. If you cannot participate in class due to internet problems you are required to resolve them before the next class, otherwise you will be asked to leave class as not meeting the conditions of the program. You are required to have appropriate internet access at all times, otherwise you will not be allowed to return to the program, and may be terminated for failure to meet the conditions of the program.

Drugs and Alcohol: It is not okay to come to the group drunk or high. Clients who drink or otherwise ingest illegal drugs of any kind on the day of the group will be asked to leave the class and must schedule a meeting with a staff member prior to returning to the next group or class. If you are a court client and we believe you have a drug or alcohol problem, we will contact the court/probation department to inform them. You may be required to attend an ongoing substance abuse program in order to continue your classes with us.

Weekly Contract: As a student/client you have agreed to adhere to a position of Non-Violence while in the program. You agree to not be abusive with your partner, children, family, yourself, elders, others, and/or property, and agree to discuss your weekly events to help each other grow and learn.

Confidentiality: The group is a safe space where you can say what you want, knowing that your confidentiality will be respected. Our staff agrees to abide by strict guidelines concerning your confidentiality. However, regardless of whether you are self-referred, or are a court client and mandated by law to be here, we will report to appropriate law enforcement any violence and abuse, and/or violations of any court order you have had placed upon you, and that by purchasing and/or attending any class with us, you have voluntarily consented to abide by this this agreement in its entirety. Our reports may be sent to probation, the court, and/or the police. If you are a court or a self-referred client, and wish to have another agency or individual receive information on you and your classes, please contact us, so that we may address this and any questions.

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