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Court Class Enrollment Site 

As a leader in our industry, we are honored to be such a valued resource to so many people. 

Our many clients include: ( County - State - Federal ) Court, Probation and Parole Departments, Children and Family Service Agencies, and more. 

Many of the students who enroll into our online court program do so to avoid conflicts with their job schedule, they travel for their job and are unable to attend a local agency, have a medical situation or handicap they are dealing with, they live or travel abroad and need to take their class in a specific language, or many other factors that need to be considered, all benefit by utilizing our national and worldwide online court program as all of our classes are available in over 30 languages.

Most importantly, we assist wonderful people like you to deal with what is typically a difficult situation, allowing them to have peace of mind, and to know that they are at the right place to meet their court class requirement.

Our class are all taken online, allowing for both computer and mobile users, to easily access and complete their classes. 

Some of our many classes include:

Our classes use an approach that works for all people regardless of age, cultural background, level of education, personality, gender, or other variable. The reason our approach works with such a wide variety of students is that we are using a set of principles that are universal to all human beings, and to all human experience.

We look forward to helping you put this behind you so that you can move on with your life!